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Project Description

Crestwood Behavioral Health/Kingsburg

Community Relations


Crestwood Behavioral Health, California’s leading provider of mental health services, came to KCG when a proposed project in Kingsburg, CA ran into community concerns. Proposing to revitalize an iconic building in downtown and bring in hundreds of jobs, Crestwood depended on KCG to cut through the stigma surrounding mental health and start a constructive conversation with an engaged community


KCG set out informing local residents, community leaders, and political leaders about the benefits of a new facility using small-scale round tables–a format that promoted thoughtful consideration and dynamic conversation. By thoughtfully and strategically shepherding the proposal through City Administration, resident groups, and Church Leaders, KCG set out to change perceptions of mental health and build grassroots support from the ground up.


By strategically addressing key community members through strategic, small-scale informative settings and quietly building a coalition, KCG successfully shifted initial public resistance into groundswell support. Thanks to a successful communications game plan, the Crestwood Behavioral Health Center in downtown Kingsburg is currently on track to be finished in 2017.

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