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Project Description

City College of
San Francisco



When City College of San Francisco (CCSF) found itself facing a devastating loss of accreditation, KCG was trusted to secure Northern California’s largest community college’s future and revitalize its international brand.


Leveraging a multifaceted strategic communications approach, KCG went to work instilling both proactive and preventative communications plans. Deep-dive crisis research mastering the facts, paired with rapid response media outreach successfully contained negative narratives before they trended. At the same time, an aggressive positive press campaign put successful college students, programs and professors alongside front-page positive press events featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Ed Lee. Coordinated, optimistic, and relentless, KCG took on the largest crisis in the City College’s 80-year history.


KCG’s relentless communications campaign paid dividends, helping turn the tide of public opinion while playing a critical role in the awarding of Restoration Status for City College–an unprecedented reversal of accreditation revocation–effectively saving the college from closure. CCSF was later fully re-accredited. Additionally, KCG’s on-the-ground efforts not only turned around the crisis, but re-established CCSF as a beacon of civic pride.

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